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When thinking about a car’s performance capabilities you often think about what’s under the hood but your tires are where your vehicle literally meets the road. And that can changed depending on your occupation or recreational needs. Come to Hop Automotive and we can help find the right tires for you and your vehicle. We have a great selection so whether you need performance based tires or you’re looking more for durability then we have the tires for you!

New Tires Fayetteville, AR

When do I need new tires? If you still have the factory tires on your vehicle then you can most likely look up at which mileage marker they suggest getting your tires changed. But if you don’t know how many miles you have on your current set of four tires then there are several ways we can check and see if you need new tires.

We look for several exterior systems such as bulbs in the tire walls which is an immediate cause for concern as if means that your tires are faulty and could blow out without warning. More subtle signs of tire wear and tear include cupping or uneven wear on your tires.

Some of these issues can be solved by simply rotating, aligning and balancing your tires. But if your tires no longer have enough tread to be effective or have a puncture in the sidewall then it is time to get new tires. Your tire’s tread works in conjunction with your braking system to help your vehicle come to a safe and complete stop. Without the tread on your tires your vehicle would not be able to grip the road and your chances of skidding out are much higher.

Let us take care of all your tire needs and with our experience, we can find a solution that works for you and your wallet. We can help your tires last with proper tire and wheel maintenance, part of which means regularly checking your tire pressure as over and under inflated tires offer their own issues.

Properly maintaining your tires can also improve your MPG which means it is in your direct interest to keep your tires at their peak level of performance.

If you have questions about tires give us a call, drive on in, or feel free to schedule an appointment online for a time that works for you!

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