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Does your car, truck or SUV pull to the left or the right when you let go of the steering wheel? If so then you might have a problem with alignment and here at Hop Automotive we can help. There are several circumstances that contribute to your vehicle being knocked out of alignment. More often than not it happens when a driver hits that unexpected pothole or accidentally drops off or bumps a curb. No matter how it happened we have the tools and technicians to get your wheels back into alignment and back on the road in no time.

Ignoring alignment issues can possibly lead to bigger problems with your steering column and overall vehicle performance. You are less likely to encounter these issues with proper wheel maintenance but even daily driving can unexpectedly cause your wheels to shift out of alignment. We can sometimes check your alignment when performing other services on your vehicle. So if you think that you might have an issue with you wheels’ alignment then don’t hesitate to ask us and we’ll be happy to check.

Wheel Balancing Fayetteville, AR

It is important not confuse wheel balancing with wheel alignment as they address two different issues. Balancing has to do with the individual weight of each wheel and tire which can be altered by adding weights to the exterior of the rims which resemble small metal clips. Properly balancing your tires can also help prevent misalignment issues.

Unbalanced tires means that your vehicle is not performing at it’s optimum efficiency which can mean that you’re getting less miles per gallon and causing longer term damage to your vehicle. When your tires are misaligned or unbalanced they can compound issues with your braking system or cause your engine to work harder than it has to in certain situations.

So if you have questions about your wheels, feel free to call in, drive on by or conveniently schedule an appointment online that works for you!

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